About Me

My passion for design was fueled by my desire to craft and create. There's something about watching pieces come together in front of your eyes. It's that energy that comes from shaping an idea into the material world that drives me to push myself every single day, that fuels the spark inside of me.

I am an energetic, passionate, and intense human being. Empathy has always been a large part of who I am, and how I interact with the world. Part of getting to where I am today has been learning to balance and merge the emotional care one has for designs and the design space, and the logical and sometimes methodological approaches you have to take to follow through - whether this means shifting a design space, reassessing needs, or killing your darlings. Coming from a more creative and emotional design mentality, this was a critical step in becoming a better designer.

As a designer, I am thoughtful, careful, and focused, balancing heart and mind to try and achieve the best that I can.
As a person, I am kind, cheerful, goofy, and full of daydreams. I write, paint, hike, and cook. If my hands aren't preoccupied with schoolwork or designs, they're making something. 



Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere


Use Cases
System Mapping
Rapid Iteration
Design Fiction
Artifact Prototyping
Experience Prototyping
Image Boards
Journey Maps
Data Visualization


Directed Storytelling
Critical Design
User Interviews
Usability Testing
Card Sorting
Mixed Methods
Toolkits + Activities
Mind Mapping

Current Projects

Capstone (Thesis project) 

For Capstone, I am exploring the intersection of storytelling and design. I constructed a toolkit of activities to sensitize and elicit thoughts and emotions from participants. Research has included toolkits, activities (card sorting, mapping, using concepts as probes), interviews, research (books, papers, podcasts), critiques, brainstorming, collage, sketching, and concept generation.

From the research, some of the key insights have guided the project towards producing frameworks for various methods with storytelling as a lens. There are several different proposals that have emerged that I am currently refining.

Independent Study

My independent study is focused on critical designs for healing for trauma. The end deliverables will be 10+ critical designs, which will be shaped from research, interviews, directed storytelling + mapping, participatory design, and critique. The research is unavailable at this time to help protect anonymity of participants.